Pwan Group: First Real Estate Network Marketing Company

If you are a Networker for any business or Real Estate is part of what you do, congratulations – you are on the right page but if not, somewhere around this page or maybe towards the end: you will catch the Real Estate Network Marketing bug.

Do you know that one of your most prized possessions is that little amount you consider insignificant?

How do I mean?

Quick question, how well do you know about Real estate sales, marketing and construction?

If you have ever heard about the possibilities and gains of network marketing in the Real Estate sector- We are the pioneers.

Why do you think workers add real estate with much assurance as “back up” to their conventional 8-5? Well, you will get to see very clear reasons why you need to jump on this immediately

Over time, Pwan diversified the Real Estate business with a focus on Land sales, smart homes ranging from studio apartments, duplexes, terraces, maisonette as well as commercial real estate. This gave room for small, medium, and large-scale business owners to take up space and protect their businesses. Pwan group made this is possible because we created a Revolution in Real Estate Marketing and Consulting, giving investors the opportunity to gain more experience on wise investments. at the same time encouraged everyone who brought these investors on board.

Builing project in sangoted, lagos ( max court)


We are PWAN (Property World Africa Network)

What started as a dream about a decade ago has birthed over 30 affiliate companies with nothing less than 500 estates across the globe but these and many more success stories have a foundation that can never be ignored.

Some of our affiliates include













The PWAN GROUP came to the limelight because of the zeal, strong will, and consistency of the founders Dr. Augustine Onwumere and Dr. Mrs. Jayne Onwumere who over time have proved beyond every doubt that Home Ownership Dream can truly become a reality regardless of current or prevailing financial standings.

pwan group leaders

Starting with a staff strength of no fewer than 150 and indirect staff strength (Consultants) of over 30,000: PWAN GROUP has acquired, developed, and sold out over 200 estates especially in the Ibeju Lekki axis of Lagos and other states of Nigeria. Beyond making land ownership and investment seamless for Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

PWAN GROUP empowers real estate entrepreneurs and network marketers many of whom are now Managing Directors of the various affiliates. Whist, taking the front seat in corporate social responsibility via its huge and unparalleled contributions to the positive and incremental growth of the real estate industry in Africa and the World.

One of its strongest and most sort after affiliates is PWAN MAX, a household name in the group and amongst competitors with over 50 estates across different states and still counting.

Since its inception, PWAN MAX has solved housing challenges for individuals, corporate bodies, and businesses all over Nigeria and it continues to retain the spotlight in this regard by engaging a ‘Service first’ approach to covering all aspects of residential and commercial properties, providing superior service that results in the best value for its clients. We engage efficiently, responsibly, and profitably in Real Estate by searching for and developing property to meet evolving client’s needs and wide-ranged demand.


First, we help you understand the basics and preventable errors of the business using practical examples and experiences and that is why we:

Organize free seminars, workshops and trainings on an absolutely free basis in different centers. We support your business: irrespective of what you are or do, you can always come on board and carve niche for yourself in our various platforms. We provide you with several ways of earning income ranging from direct and indirect commissions, direct and indirect PV (point value) earnings, performance bonuses, land bonus incentives and other incentives. For instance, you can get direct commission on sales 2.5%-5% for buildings and 5%-15% for land (depending on some factors.

Pwan free semiars

We encourage referrals with indirect commissions of 5%-3%-2% and performance bonuses (once in a year for people who met the target for that year). We have created consistent pattern for our consultants and have set targets that have been met by the Company as well as her consultants

The vision of PWAN Group is to make home ownership dream a reality for as many people as possible giving you an opportunity to make that dream a reality whilst creating multiple income streams.  You too can take your finances to the next level and now is the Time to Level Up!

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