What is land survey ? Process involved in land survey

What is land survey
Land survey entails all activities carried out to locate and map the boundaries and corners of any piece of land. It might also include the topography of the parcel, and the location of buildings, and other improvements made to the land.

Land survey entails all activities carried out to locate and map the boundaries and corners of any piece of land. It might also include the topography of the parcel, and the location of buildings, and other improvements made to the land.

Land surveyors often work on a variety of projects including the designs and plans of both existing and new properties, roads, bridges, and other infrastructures. A property survey is an important process that comes before construction when commencing a building project as they confirm lands boundary lines and legal description.

what is land survey
what is land survey


• Field Reconnaissance

This involves physical inspection to know the site location, proximity, access (in and out), and also the best method to adopt when carrying out the survey.

The Reconnaissance Survey is often used for planning purposes, it also provides data on broad categories such as property types, architectural styles, basic integrity, and overall condition, sorted by historical period, context, or geographic location.

Field reconnaissance is carried out to be sure of the findings derived from the field. Additional information that will foster the success of the ongoing project is collected and simple index tests on-ground properties are carried out.

• Office Reconnaissance

This is a verification done with the acquired details from the field reconnaissance, it gives the surveyor a deeper knowledge of the area to be surveyed, if there’s an existing survey on the property or an existing dispute in the area, if there’s an existing government acquisition/allocation or commitment in the area. This is also used to prepare the information and plan for data capturing.

• Data capturing

This is the process of acquiring/collecting adequate data needed to prepare a plan, map of the area to be used for planning and designing. Data capturing makes it possible for the establishment and adjustment of site survey stations. The use of GPS techniques to establish and verify station coordinate

• Data Processing

These are the crucial steps that follow collection/capture, the aim is to manipulate/ transform the raw data acquired into meaningful results. It is done by computing and processing the data acquired in the field in any survey software tool, and ultimately presented in a plan

• Data interpretation

This is the process of extracting the geographical data which is been interpreted using the rules and mapping relationships so that output data or plan can be created

• Map/Plan Production

This is a representation of the data acquired on a map or plan with a suitably chosen scale.

It is also called the result of the data acquired in the field after it might have undergone all the required processes. This is done by arranging map or plan elements on a sheet of paper, in a way that even without many words, the average person can understand what it is all about. These results are called Survey Plan or Maps.

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what is land survey

Surveyors are important in land development, from land subdivision planning and design to the final road, utility, and landscaping constructions.

• Surveyors identify the land boundaries and provide a certified land plan on request that ensures that the projects have been completed
• Surveyors provides you with the existing survey to assist in land purchase, subdivisions, and as well out of people or government property
• Surveyors calculate and chart the land on any construction site.
• Surveyors provide you the necessary information about the land’s actual size, exact location.
• Surveyors make a quick assessment of sites from development perspectives and let you know indicative timing and pricing.
• Surveyors provide land legal status or backing that may be needed in case any boundary or land dispute arises.
• Surveyors help you to decide whether the deed acquired reflects the correct size of property/Land.
• Involving surveyors in any land-related issue helps one to avoid land scams
• They establish property boundaries of private and public lands.
• Develop data banks of land-use and natural resource information that aid in managing our environment.

A quantity surveyor also prepares a bill of quantities quoting the likely amount of money you will expend to bring your building project into reality. They can help advise how to go about obtaining building approval from the relevant government authorities. Surveyors play a huge role in the land buying and pre-construction phase.


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