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Lagos State has the most advanced property registration and verification system among states in Nigeria. The Registration of titles Act, 1935 introduced a new system whereby the state maintains a single register of titles and guarantees the entries contained within as representing the indisputable state of the title, except in the rarest of cases.

Land verification is an integral part of any real estate transaction. When purchasing a  land in Nigeria it is of utmost importance that you are well-informed on the details involved before you pay in cash for it. There are quite a number of things to look out for when you want to acquire a land in Nigeria. The modern day advent of real estate scam, potential trouble from thugs a.k.a omonile and fraud as made it quite necessary to carry out real estate transactions through a verified real estate company like Pwan Max and reputable professionals like a lawyer, land surveyor and a real estate agent. Hiring professionals or buying from Pwan Max Directly is important because they will assist you to do a proper land verification so as to avoid hiccups in the nearest future.

There are also vital documents that are quite important part of your real estate transactions. These documents are:


None of the above documents can be substituted for the other. Each of the documents must be verified by experts in order to confer true ownership of the land. There are some guidelines to follow that would help you with your land verification. Below are the tips you should consider before you purchase any land in Nigeria:

  • Request for a copy of the survey plan and let the Surveyor help you cross check it with the coordinates
  • Ask for the excision file number of the intended land in order to check if the land is available
  • Ensure you allow your lawyer to check the documents involved in the real estate transaction
  • Ask for the counsel of your  real estate agent about the  land
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