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The auto industry’s role in the economic activities of all countries is undeniable and it now comes as one of the key sectors of the international economy. Car manufacturers jump into a big game to design, develop, produce, do marketing and sell their cars, forming a dynamic yet competitive auto industry. Almost all industrialized nations have the ability to produce cars applying indigenous technologies with the resources available in their manufacture. That is a great advantage for these countries as they can provide more job opportunities for their people, improving the living standard and drive the local economy forward.

Kia Motors Nigeria

Kia Motors Nigeria has made its first footprint into the native car range with the premiere of its first made-in-Nigeria cars – the Kia Rio, Kia Cerato and the Kia Optima. The event took place at at the Eagle’s square in Abuja in October 2014.  As the leading automobile brand in the country, Kia is one of the country’s most admired and distinguished brands.
Kia Motors walked in Nigerian market when owning a 4-wheel private transport was a heated trend among all householders, even the ones with most modest income. Coming with a list of affordable Kia car prices in Nigeria, Kia indeed made the dream of possessing a car more realizable for average Nigerians who couldn’t afford luxury exotic automobiles.


Innoson Motors
Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., shortened as IVM, is a Nigerian automobile and bus manufacturing company. It was founded by Chief Innocent Chukwuma Nwala, and runs a plant in Nnewi in the state of Anambra. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is nicknamed Pride Of African Road.

In order to realize its aim, IVM has adopted a double-pronged approach:

  • Offer car finance scheme that allows buyers to pay for the car over 3-year installments.
  • Introduce affordable cars that are priced similarly to a tokunbo car of foreign brands. At the moment, the cheapest Innoson models are Innoson Uzo (7 seater minibus) – ₦1.54 million, Innoson Fox (saloon) – ₦3.52 million & Innoson UMU (saloon) – ₦3.63 million.


The Indigenous automobile company, NORD Automobiles Limited, was officially launched on Friday, December 11th, 2020, as it began its quests to be the biggest automaker in Nigeria.

Nord fleet of Nigerian branded vehicles include the Nord Max, Flit bus, Aso truck, Lasgi big bus, Q3 sedan, Q5 SUV, Nord Yarn, Ben SUV, Urban sedan and more



PAN, is a household name in Nigeria’s automobile industry. PAN Nigeria Limited, which started as a joint venture between the Federal Government and AP France, was incorporated on December 15, 1972 and the Kaduna based plant was commissioned on March 11, 1975. In November 2006, PAN was privatized and ASD Motors, the core investor took over management of the company in January 2007 with the hope of turning around the fortunes of the company. With continued poor performance and high indebtedness to banks, in October 2012, the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) acquired the debts of the company and converted a portion to equity.
This is a tangible proof of implementing effectively a number of measures from the federal government to enhance the continuous development of made-in-Nigeria cars in particular and auto sector in general in the local economy.


Nigerians have a great passion for classy cars. That’s why Hyundai cars are increasingly marking their high position in the automotive industry. Considering all about impressive drive experience, great comfort and sheer luxury, Hyundai cars can offer you a feel for those. Although the Korean brand has still not as famous as other famous carmakers like Toyota, Nissan and the likes, it has received thousands of praises from Nigerian car lovers and all around the world.

Since walking into the auto market in Nigeria around 2 decades ago as a cheerful and cheap brand, Hyundai has since continuously developed their cars, focusing mainly on designing models with stylish exteriors and beautiful interiors. The newest models of the Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Elantra are considered as the perfection’s definition.



All things considered, have you been motivated by our post to take home one of the aforementioned made-in-Nigeria cars? We would be very glad if this post can be some help!

However, if purchasing a brand-new car still feels too far-reaching given your financial status, looking for cheap used vehicles on online car selling sites is not a bad idea. At the moment, Cheki.com.ng, Naijauto.com, and Olx.com.ng are known as the biggest and most reliable car buying and selling sites in our country with thousands of new listings updated daily. Make sure you have equipped yourself with as many car buying tips as possible so as to wisely choose the best match to accompany you on the road.

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