At pwan max, we Believe in adding value through development. Massive work is going on in max assets OTULU and we believe in giving our investors the best. Fencing work and landscaping projects have commenced.

The current Price is 1.5M and with an initial deposit of 50k you can spread the balance in 6 months with no added charge.


If you want to own a land in asaba, Book a free site inspection max assets otulu, asaba. You can start with a 50k initial deposit and spread the rest in 6 months.

Estate features
🛑perimeter fencing
🛑Good access road
🛑prime location
🛑free from government interest

đź“ŤAsaba international airport
đź“Ť20mins from Asaba capital city

🏧 Current price : 1.5M

Send us a message to book a free site inspection, Land for sale in ASABA