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Real estate investment in Nigeria is a dynamic sector with new trends and ways of earning constantly evolving. These trends also vary with location as rent-based real estate being predominant in eastern Nigeria. The real estate industry has been plagued with many inconsistencies over the years due to government policies, technology, scammers, land grabbers, etc. Some of these inconsistencies have lead to loss of funds, properties and lives. Problems surrounding real estate industries can be avoided through proper research and partnering with a trusted real estate brand

Despite these inconsistencies, real estate remains a profitable venture that will serve as a link between other profitable businesses or a standalone investment that thrives. Real estate investments all over the world offer so many benefits that any investor cannot seem to neglect. However at the mention of the ”real estate,” 100% of new investors automatically think of acquiring a piece of land, building on it, and reselling. This form of real estate investment is capital intensive which misleads  new investors into turning a blind eye to real estate investment. While real estate development  is a very profitable form of real estate investment in Nigeria, there are several other forms of making money in real estate.



Nigeria presents so many opportunities in the real estate sector and we will walk you through how you can start benefitting from them.



real estate investment in nigeria

When an opportunity is presented to earn as much as 20- 45% returns on investment between a period of 2-3 years, it’s not a scam! It’s Land banking. In Land banking, you can acquire a piece of land in a developing area when the price is cheap and reselling when the price increases. Land banking is a better alternative to keep money in the bank. It’s a system that guarantees maximum returns on investment. Landing banking is almost a guaranteed venture because you are betting on evolution. As humans, it’s in our nature to seek out comfort, and it’s natural we develop more land to cater to the growing population. As long as the population continues to expanding land banking will always be a profitable venture. other factors that can affect the profitability of landing banking

  • Government policies
  • Presence of investors
  • location
  • accessibility
  • on-site development

What makes land banking peculiar is that it accommodates every wealth class in Nigeria. there are lands as low as 3ook that you can acquire and resell in few years and make a very good return.


Did you know that trading real estate with 750,000 in 12cmonths can give you as much as a 1.05million?

Buy to sell is one of the hidden forms of real estate investment in Nigeria. This trend is popular among people who are looking for a quick ”cash-out” from real estate. Buy to sell is also known as trading real estate, it involves acquiring a piece of property and reselling after 12 months. In the past, Real Estate investment has been solely about renting an apartment, buying on the mortgage, or buying for either residential or commercial purposes and funding the investment by installment or outright payment. In this system, you enjoy a passive investment position. It gives you the opportunity of being positioned for great earning power.

If you join a company that understands land trading, you can enjoy more income. You can make millions every year trading real estate as Engaging in the buy to sell form of real estate investment with the right company may be the quantum leap you desire. Another interesting thing about buying from the PWAN GROUP is that sales or non-sales of this property by the company do not stop you from getting your percentage as it is automatic.



One sure way to create true wealth is by investing. How do you invest? Land and House.

If you choose to buy land today and still sell-off as land, you will make money. If you buy and build to either resell or rent, you will make even more. Gone are the days when saving in the bank was considered wise. These days, you see people putting monies into a commercial property.

Commercial real estate investment in nigeria refers to any property that is used exclusively for business-related purposes or to provide a workspace rather than as a living space, which would instead constitute the residential real estate. It is leased to occupants to conduct income-generating activities ranging from a store to shopping centers, office space, hotels & resorts, strip malls, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Usually, an investor or group of investors buys a property and builds it to serve commercial services. Lease and collects rent from each business that operates there. The owners determine the price as space is rented over a stated period— customarily quoted annually.



Take a good look at what is happening in Lagos today, a lot of younger generations are basking in the wealth of the NAME/GLORY left behind by their ESTABLISHED parents. Look closer; there was LAND/HOME transference as an inheritance.


Well, for others there was never any transfer but more of early discovery of the opportunity that lies therein. This system has enjoyed a wide range of acceptance with rapid and continued growth, as well as evolving trends over time as it has become more competitive. Serviced apartments are known to give a more comfortable and relaxing feel, offering guests an opportunity to work, cook, relax and sleep in convenience. In addition, guests can enjoy 40% more space than the equivalent standard of hotel – a typical one-bedroom service apartment is about twice the size of an average hotel room.

Furthermore, serviced apartment providers are typically cheaper than hotel rates of a similar standard, and there are no hidden extras such as mini-bars, room service, gyms or leisure clubs to be paid for. For extended stays, VAT reduces to 4% after 28 nights, offering further savings for those relocating or corporate guests working on a longer-term contract. Many providers also accommodate bookings for long-term guests on a Monday to Friday basis, offering even greater satisfaction.


Now, imagine having a profitable business such as this, giving you the opportunity of creating more value in a highly sort aftermarket. The question is If rich people are the ones taking the bigger chunk of the business sector and engaging in investment opportunities to solve. the problems of the masses, Why are the poor still looking, even though they can start their investment journey with very little capital?


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Many Nigerians are unaware of real estate investment trusts in nigeria (REITs) (REITs). Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, are investment trusts regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investor funds are combined to buy income-producing real estate, mortgage loans, or a combination of the two. Dealing with tenants can be a nightmare hence REIGs are perfect for persons who wish to own rental properties but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of managing them. A capital buffer and access to finance are required when investing in REIGs.

A single owner can buy one or more self-contained living units in a REIT, and the investment group handles all of the units on the investor’s behalf, including maintenance, advertising vacancies, and interviewing possible tenants. tenants. The company takes a part of the monthly rent in exchange for performing these management services.



With no fewer than 10,000 success lines as a business and real estate giant, Dr. Augustine Onwumere’s the real deal when it comes to showing others how to build profitable and successful businesses. He’s been a coach for over the last 10 years who went from struggling to pioneering the Real estate investment in nigeria and real estate network marketing company in the world. (He paved the way for this course and today, other real estate company’s model after him!).

By setting this pace, he had to train (and still trains) loads of young entrepreneurs, workers, and aspiring business enthusiasts. Thus, Establishing a system that encourages remote work and excellent reward for everyone who gives it a shot.

In this manual, we hope to educate you in making the right investment decisions so as to attract your ideal returns when you finally decide to leverage on the very huge financial market in the real estate world.

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