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Good day readers of this Special information and life changing secret that you have in your hands today. Let me ask you ; Do you know that Nigerian investors lost an estimated 70% of their collective investments in the stock market between year 2008 & 2009 and 2013 & 2015? It vaporized investors real wealth as a result of the devastating stock market crashes in this periods leaving stocks / shares in their portfolio worthless. Remember no one welcomes a crash because they are sudden, violent and unexpected as it is marked by its suddenness and most investors do not have full control of their investments as they are left at the mercy of the stock market brokers and the regulators. As a result many become depressed as a result of the recession that ensued. Also do you know that stockholders are the last to be paid if a company /organisation goes broke, which makes it uncertain you will get back your investments. Share prices goes up and down, so buying shares /stocks is not without risk and it is not the best place to invest your money in 2020.

Do you know that Treasury Bills are government guaranteed debt investments issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria? It is a time bound investment account with a specific amount invested at an agreed interest rate. When an investor buys a treasury bill, they are lending money to government and they get paid back with specified interest rates. Now considering the economic realities we are facing in our country today, the rate of inflation is extremely high, therefore your fixed-income investment will be paid to you with a devalued currency which will not be able to meet your needs because it has been eaten up before you receive your income. Also it has a low yield because it is considered safe. The returns on your investment is very low, therefore its not the best place to invest your money in 2020.

I don’t want to go into talking about mining investment in Nigeria because it is very unsafe and risky to invest here due to inadequate infrastructures, lack of electricity in the country, low productivity, weak regulations from the government, giving room to illegal mining, destroying the business potential, it requires huge investment capital with low yield, associated high risks encapsulating the mining industry in Nigeria, therefore it is not the best place to invest your money in 2020.

Real Estate Investing is the best place to invest your money in 2020 because it has proven for over decade now and going on as the most profitable investment that has a huge potential for success. Investors enjoy a steady income (cash) flow that leads to financial freedom as the investment blossom. Real Estate Investing provides long term financial security, it is a guaranteed hedge against inflation as it beats inflation, protecting your investment against high inflation. Real Estates appreciates in value over time, that is high returns on investment.
It is a fact that there is shortage (deficit) of housing in Nigeria, therefore there is high demand for housing and investments made here will certainly bring high returns. Investors have good control over their investments. Rental income are mostly higher than dividend income from shares /stocks. It is also generational assets, you can pass it generations after you or heirs. Therefore this is the best place to invest your money in 2020.

PWAN MAX / PWAN GROUP as an organisation is the leading real estate investment company and has been in business delivering value for over 7 years and indeed is a household name in Nigeria as a result of delivering real estate investment benefits to many people. As a reliable and trustworthy organisation, you are guaranteed maximum returns on your real estate investments. That is why you must consult us to make the best and safe investment decisions in 2020.

MAX GARDENS ESTATE OMAGWA PORTHARCOURT from Pwan Max, a subsidiary of PWAN GROUP LTD has a great real estate investment offer.
TITLE : Registered Survey and Deed of Assignment.
OUTRIGHT : N900, 000 Per plot size of 464sqm.
N90, 000 Monthly for 12months.

Estate Benefits :
** Perimeter Fencing
** Good road network
** Street lights
** Gardens & parks
** Gated and Secured Environs.
** Landscaping

The benefits of these products are enormous,
* High rate of returns on investment, over 100%.
* Free from any adverse claims or government encumbrances. You will not lose your investments.
* Excellent cash flow appeal when developed.
* Real Estate locations have excellent Topography and mostly dry land.
* You can easily pass this to generations /heirs after you.

This is the best time to invest in Max Gardens Omagwa, Port Harcourt as the price currently on offer are given at a highly discounted promo rates, which is why you can’t afford to miss the chance, as you must quickly take advantage of the price slash. The price shall be increased back to the normal price of the property after the promo offers expires. Invest now while the offer lasts.

Note that there is nothing to lose investing with Pwan Group as the company has an iron clad Money Back Guarantee on the investments in case you are no longer interested in continuing the real estate investment. Be rest assured the company will return your money if you decide to discontinue with the transaction. Therefore there is no reason to fear investing with us.

Quickly Obtain our Subscription form & frequently asked questions /terms and conditions of purchase for the estate you are interested in make your payments in favour of PWAN MAX to the designated bank accounts given and we will proceed to complete your purchase & allocation of your property to you. Call our consultants / officials to assist you ASAP.

What are waiting for, remember it is better to buy real estates /land and wait, than waiting to buy at the right time. The right time is Now and the right choice is Pwan Max /Pwan Group. It is a known fact that 90% of millionaires in the world become so by investing in real estates. Don’t be left out, you too can become a multi- millionaire.

Please remember this Special Offer will only be available within the promo period.
Invest and buy to subscribe to our Max Gardens Estates today! You will be glad you did.

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