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Enugu is a south eastern state in Nigeria and was created in 1991 from the Old Anambra state. The name Enugu is derived from the two Igbo words Énú Ụ́gwụ́ meaning “hill top” denoting the city’s hilly geography. The city was named after Enugwu Ngwo, under which coal was found. Popularly known as the Coal City, Enugu is home to most of the igbos in the southeast. Being a city established in pre colonial times, its ambience is a blend of the charms of an an ancient city and convenience of a modern one. as it is known as the oldest urban area in Igbo land, with about 7,161 km2 (2,765 sq m) and is the 29th largest state in the country, it shares borders with Abia state and Imo state in the south, Ebonyi state to the East, Benue state to the Northeast, Kogi state to the Northwest and Anambra state to the West. Enugu state governor is Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

This State is a tourist delight, with ancient historical relics, several recreational spots and beautiful arts and craft. The people are friendly and hospitable, there are more than enough exciting places for both leisure and business activities. Whether you’re a food lover, an adventurer, or someone who just loves to lay back and relax, Enugu will create a special place in your heart. Here, we will explore 27 places you could visit in Enugu, which will leave you completely satisfied.


Awhum Waterfalls is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area.

This beautiful Awhum Waterfalls is as a result of massive outcrop of granite rock with water cascading over the top forming a stream.

A section of the waterfall is always warm through the season and a variety of bird species can be spotted within the area.

Awhum Waterfalls is 30 metres high and is located close to Awhum Monastery.

The water is said to be curative (have healing power) and capable of dispelling evil or satanic forces if and wherever sprinkled.

It usually takes about 45 minutes walk from the parking spot to the fall.



Another appealing place to see is the Ngwo Caves and Waterfall in Enugu. Surrounded by the beautiful trees of Ngwo Pine Forest, the valley floors feature gently flowing stream of spring water. Ngwo Cave was naturally formed in limestone by the waterfall dropping down from a small opening at the roof of the cave.

The waterfall form a shallow pool at the cave floor and flows out as a small stream. The water fall also has both warm and hot water that flow out together from one source. Behind the big mass of rock in which the cave is emplaced, there are more caves carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access.



Opi Lake Complex is made up of over 7 lakes connected to one another to form a network. These lakes include Ogelube, Eze-agu iyi, Orufu, Nkpo, Ikpa, Uhere and Ozzi.

Uhere River flows in between Eze-agu iyi and Ogelube lakes forming a beautiful sand beach with  crocodiles and several other aquatic species.

Uhere waterfall is believed to help announce the death of people through  intensive and frightening loud sound as it falls.

Ikpa Lake is located south of Eze-agu iyi and Ogelube lakes, forming a breathtaking landscape. Ikpa lake is unique for its religious implication, with the help of a tour guide, tourists can explore the whole of Opi-agu, the headquarters of the communities that these lakes inter-connect.



Ani Ozalla Lake and Shrine is a natural lake that lies within Ozalla in Nkanu West LGA near Enugu. The major attraction at the lake is the presence of crocodiles which are regarded as goddesses. They only appear from the lake at the command of the chief priest to take offerings from supplicants. Tourists who will like to see the crocodiles most come with a fowl, palm wine and kola nuts which the chief priest offers to the crocodiles. There are other rules that most be adhered to before visiting the lake.



Enugu is occupied by the Igbo ethnic group, whose two important annual Igbo traditional festivals are the New Yam festival and the Mmanwu festival. The new yam festival is usually held between August and October to mark the harvesting and feasting of the new yam.

The Mmanwu festival takes place annually in the month of November and features various displays by masquerades. This festival is usually held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.


The Enugu Festival of Arts which highlights African culture and traditions is also organized by the Enugu Council of Arts and Culture.



Monkeys at Akpugoeze are preserved due to the tradition and culture of the people in the community. The people of Akpugoeze do not harm, hunt or eat monkeys. The Sclater’s monkey found in Akpugoeze is a rare species that can only be found in south-eastern Nigeria.



Silicon hill is situated near the Nkalagu campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT). The hill lies at more than 300m above sea level, it is rich in the mineral deposit called Silicon. The environment surrounding the hill is scenic and has captivating valleys and plains.



The Milken hills located at Ngwo in Enugu North LGA was named after one of the earliest colonial administrator in Enugu. The hill offers a spectacular view of Enugu Metropolis especially at dawn and dusk. The first tarred road leading into Enugu city passes through the foot of the hill. The hills is rich in coal and several tunnels can be found underneath. The Iva Valley lies beneath the Milken hills, and tourist can enjoy mountaineering activities.



Situated on the banks of one of the largest lakes in the region, the Nike lake resort is an internationally acclaimed five-star resort center that provides exceptional comfort and luxury as well as a most serene and breathtaking environment. Named after Nike lake, the resort has a tennis court, a swimming pool, and an art gallery for art lovers. It also has a walkway and gazebos which overlook the lake. A sit out on one of these gazebos will earn you a breath of fresh air and a clear view of the sparkling lake. You can also enjoy other activities like boat ride, sport fishing, swimming, and other fun activities. It doubles as a tourist attraction and has historical relevance as it was the site of the Biafran army headquarters during the civil war. The resort offers accommodation, leisure facilities ranging from tennis courts and outdoor pools to boating and fishing facilities.



Iheneke lake is usually cool during the rainy season and gets cooler during the Harmattan season. A tropical lake with high density during the warmer seasons. Iheneke Lake is a perfect place for relaxation, picnics and other leisurely activities.



Ezeagu complex is one of the major attractions in Enugu. With a 3-kilometre cave, waterfall, a lake as well as a cold and warm spring, Ezeagu Tourist Complex is a perfect place for picnics and several leisure activities. With beautiful natural aesthetics, the complex is the perfect spot for family vacations and get together with friends.



Another appealing place to see is the Ngwo Caves and Waterfall in Enugu. Surrounded by the beautiful trees of Ngwo Pine Forest, the valley floors feature gently flowing stream of spring water. Ngwo Cave was naturally formed in limestone by the waterfall dropping down from a small opening at the roof of the cave. Being in Enugu and not visiting the pristine Ngwo Pine forest and caves would be missing out on a fantastic experience, the pine forest is like a gateway to the caves.There, you would find so many pine trees arranged in symmetry that will remind you of a love scene in the woods. Moving on past the pine forest, you would meet the Ngwo cave, which is naturally sculpted in limestone and is adorned by an enchanting waterfall pouring from an opening at the roof of the cave. The waterfall forms a shallow pool at the floor of the cave and flows out as a small stream. There are smaller caves within the large cave that could be climbed into and explored.



Enugu Museum also known as the National Unity Museum, Enugu was established and commissioned shortly after in a bid to foster unity. The museum is under the national commission for museums and monuments. Enugu museum houses various relics from the post colonial era and several military defence artifacts from the Biafra War can be found at the museum. With three galleries, this museum is home to the diverse representations of the Nigerian cultures. The first gallery displays the arts representing common models of the principles of the ethnic groups of Nigeria. The second gallery exhibits the cultural practices of the Igbo people and a chronology of their way of life, while the third gallery tells the story of the development of the state right from the discovery of coal and how coal was tilled, excavated, packed and carried for use.



During the first republic, Nigeria operated a parliamentary system of government with a premier leading the executive branch and a bicameral legislature. The position of governor existed as that of a figure head and was subordinate to the premier. The eastern region parliamentary building, Enugu served as the seat of government in eastern Nigeria.



The Old Premier Lodge Enugu was once occupied by Nigeria’s first president, late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. The lodge houses some of his personal belongings like letters, books, reading glasses, pictures and several other items provided by his widow, Prof. Uche Azikiwe.



Ogelube lake is a fresh water lake dominated by desmid phytoplankton with maximum density during warmer season. However, during the rainy season, the lake cools and there are more algae than desmids.



Asides its beautiful layout and magnificent Architecture, one other feature that makes the mall unique is the big Ferris wheel right in front of the mall. Never miss a chance to gain an exhilarating experience with a ride on the Ferris wheel. The mall, frequented daily by tons of tourists and residents, has several food courts, supermarkets, and other shopping outlets. While shopping or having a great meal, one can also grab the opportunity to meet new people.



Though Enugu is not a coastal city, nature still manages to provide an alternative spot for beach lovers in and around the state. The Akwuke beach is a riverbank layered with lots of sand that stretches over a vast expanse of land. It gives one the feeling of being on a beach, and it provides satisfaction for those who love to feel the sand below their feet. The beach, located in Akwuke, a town along the Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway, is a sure site for picnics and a popular location for photoshoots, music videos, and movies.



Enugu Golf Course is located at 11 Park Avenue, Enugu just about 2 kilometres away from Park Lane Hospital. An ideal place for golf tourism, the golf club is an 18 holed, 330 meters (360 yards) green international standard Golf club. Enugu Golf Club plays host to both local and international tournaments in collaboration with Golf Associations around the country. An ideal place for relaxation during and after the tournament, the club has a beautiful 18 hole golf course with an all year round season which has been become a solid attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Enugu Golf Club also features a clubhouse and a well stocked bar.



Macdovas is a beautiful resort in Enugu located close to the Port Harcourt expressway. The stylish resort boast of a well tended garden. Leisure facilities and fun attractions like a bird cage, a swimming pool and tennis court can be found at the resort. Entertainment is provided and a restaurant & bar is available for use.


Both hills lie several meters above sea level and are great for mountaineering and hiking activities. These hills are an adventurer’s delight as they house several coal mining tunnels that can be explored. Also, the twin hills provide a great view of the Enugu metropolis. As with most hills, it is dotted with streams, springs, and little waterfalls to make your experience more worthwhile.



An art gallery which holds various Nigerian exhibitions is one of the best attractions in Enugu. Here you can find various paintings, sculptures and artworks.


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